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Coco Products

Coco Products are also known as Neopeat. Coco Products are an ideal soil conditioner for all types of soils, and can serve as a replacement for soil, under greenhouse conditions. They have high water holding and nutrient retention capacity and all other physical properties ideal for plant growth. Made out of processed coir pith, these are totally organic products and are being recommended for organic cultivation and eco-friendly farming. National Standards for Organic Production and INDOCERT have certified these products as an input for organic cultivation. Coco Products/ Neopeat can be used in Organic farming as a soil conditioner for effective retention of water and nutrients by reconstitution and incorporation with soil. They are being widely used in organic plantations also.

Coco Products are an eco-friendly organic soil conditioner & soil substitute, the best media for Green House Farming with a water holding capacity of 500 - 600%. These are a superior alternate to peat moss and are highly suitable for commercial floriculture and horticulture. All our customers have received increase in yield when grown in NEOPEAT media. Coco Products are proved to be the best soil conditioner for commercial plantations, flower beds, potted plants, horticultural crops, golf courses, land scapping and for nursery poly bags. Also, we have the facility to compress the product in to Bales/Briquettes to reduce volume and thereby laudability is increased.

Uses : Plantations, Flower Beds, Potted Plants, Horticultural Crops, Green Houses, Golf Courses, Landscaping, Mushroom Cultivation, Terrace Gardening and Nurseries.

  • For rubber plantations, 5-6-Kg of Neopeat can be used per tree either by soil incorporation or by trench filling. For banana 1-2 Kg and for coconut 3-4 Kg can be used. For other crops, depending on the size of plant, the rate can be reduced or increased.
  • 1 Kg of Neopeat absorb about 4-5 lt. of water for reconstitution and the resulting volume will be approximately 15 lt.
  • For use as soil conditioner, the product is available in BALE (30X30X13 Cm. size and 4.5-5 Kg. weight) and BRIQUETTES (20X10X6 Cm size and 650 gm.weight.)
  • For use as planting media, the product is available in Grow Bags and Grow Cubes of different sizes and Grow Discs.
  • Neopeat is also available in compressed Bales/Briquettes for convenience in handling and savings in cost of Transportation. These blocks could be easily reconstituted by adding water till it becomes light and fluffy. A compressed Bale of Neopeat of 4.5 kg will reconstitute to give 65-70 liters of Neopeat powder. 10 tonnes or 2200 Neopeat compressed blocks will go into a 20' container.

Technical Specifications
  • Water holding capacity : 600 to 700%
  • Nitrogen : 0.50%
  • Phosphate : 0.03%
  • Potash : 0.25%
  • Organic Carbon : 10 to 12%
  • pH : 6.5 to 7.5 %
  • Conductivity : Less than 1 ms/cm
  • C/N Ratio : 1:0.02
  • Total Organic Matter : 75 to 85%

Benefits of Neopeat/ Coco Products
  • High moisture retention
  • Improves physical & biological condition of soil 
  • Improves aeration 
  • Reduces frequency of irrigation 
  • Enhances strong and healthy root system
  • Better yield
  • Contains natural enzymes, humus and plant nutrients 
  • Holds and provides water and nutrients as required 
  • Improve yield in horticulture and floriculture crops 
  • Reduces soil temperature

Few Salient Features
  • High water holding capacity - more than 600% - less frequent watering.
  • Improve aeration and microbiological activity.
  • Neopeat is the best bio degradable coconut based media. 
  • Neopeat is an internationally approved product - widely used by commercial nurseries.
  • Neopeat is developed and constantly tested in an ISO 9001-2000 BVQI test house to ensure uniform quality standards.
  • Neopeat is totally Organic and Eco-friendly.
  • It improves use efficiency of nutrients - making more nutrients available to the plants. 
  • Helps better root development and plant growth.
  • Neopeat reduces replacement costs.
  • Neopeat is fumigated by Methyl Bromide to eliminate harmful pathogens, insects and pests.
  • Much lower weight of neopeat reduces stress on building structure in terrace gardening.

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Coco Peat Blocks
Coco Peat Blocks or Neopeat are a multi-purpose plant growing medium. Our NEOPEAT recently won the best substrate award in Hungary. Coco Peat Blocks are an eco-friendly soil substrate and soil conditioner, which help in plant growth four times faster than other substrates. Clients can avail Coco Peat Blocks from us in different thicknesses

Coco Cube
We are offering Coco Cube/ Neopeat which is an ideal substrate used for growing plants. Our Coco Cube is developed in different sizes and thicknesses. Also, our Coco Cube has good water holding properties and can provides proper growth to the plants. Moreover, we make it available at affordable prices.

Minimum Order

Coco Grow Disc
Coco Grow Disc, which we offer, is ideal for all types of soils and can serve as a replacement for soil, under greenhouse conditions. Our Coco Grow Disc is made using coconut husk and has water retention properties. We are offering Coco Grow Disc which is ideal for commercial floriculture and horticulture. Also, it is completely organic and

Coco Grow Disc Roll
Grow and retain the health of plants using our Coco Grow Disc Roll. Coco Grow Disc Roll provides ample nourishment and moisture to the plants. Our Coco Grow Disc Roll is made using quality coconut husks. Moreover, we make Coco Grow Disc Roll available in different sizes and thicknesses.

Minimum Order Quantity : One

Coco Husk Chips
Coco Husk Chips have features like excellent water retention, provide nourishment, keep stems moist, easy to use, etc. Our Coco Husk Chips are bio-degradable and work as a soil conditioner. The Coco Husk Chips, which we offer, are made using good quality coconut. Also, we make available Coco Husk Chips in different sizes and thickness. more...

Coco Peat Briquettes
Coco Peat Briquettes are a soil substrate, which are used in providing essential nutrients to the soil. For their many features like excellent water-retaining properties, organic and degradable and helps in soil nourishment, Coco Peat Briquettes are used in nurseries. Our Coco Peat Briquettes can be availed from us in different sizes and

Coco Wafer
Neopeat / Coco Wafer is an essential soil conditioner and soil substrate that helps in better plant and root development. Our Coco Wafer is made using organic coconut husk and is 100% eco-friendly. Coco Wafer, which we offer, is quality tested on different parameters. Also, we provide Coco Wafer in different sizes and thickness.

Reduce the growth of weeds and pest using our Coco Planks. The Coco Planks, which we offer, have good water-absorbing and retaining properties. Our Coco Planks have natural enzymes, human and plant nutrients that provide better yield to the plants. Also, Coco Planks are organic and serve as a good-soil conditioner improving the biological

To help one grow healthy plants, we are offering Coco Disc. The Coco Disc is usually made from coconut fibers. Our Coco Disc features no weed growth (around the plants and in the container), helps in keeping the roots moist. Also, Coco Disc blocks the contact of direct sunlight and traps the moisture, helping the plant to grow. Moreover, we